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[ Megaptera novaeangliae ]

Who are we?

Naval Dynamics AS was founded in early 2002 with the intention to offer robust and innovative solutions for the offshore, shipping and renewable industry. In-house expertise in floating units and seaworthy hull designs in combination with a fresh perspective on the future of the offshore & energy markets are the primary pillars of the Company. 


We acknowledge the importance of a technology transfer from traditional offshore solutions to future applications, with emphasis on engineering finesse, simplicity, environmental aspects and cost efficiency.

What do we do?

We provide services within conventional marine applications as well as conceptual development of new offshore- and shipping solutions of all scales. All aspects of the development process can be performed, from financial planning and risk assessment to structural and hydrodynamic engineering, research and third-party verification.

References include design of
drilling/well-intervention semi-submersibles, heavy lifting vessels, OSV's, ice breakers and conventional ship designs.

about us

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