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high speed light craft

For speed, add lightness

In 2012 Naval Dynamics were commissioned to design a highly efficient 15 meter Fast Patrol Vessel for the Oslo Harbour Police. The versatility and operational success of the design led to a platform on which we have based our high speed light craft series. The range currently incorporates rigid hulls and RIBs for military and professional users, with sizes from 7 up to more than 20 meters. 

Due to the nature of these projects information is limited, but please do not hesitate to contact us to see what we can offer. 

Design Categories


A-Pro RIB series

A range of high speed RIBs developed for SAR, medical, fire, police and military operations. Our designs have been in operation all over Europe and are built to the highest standards for optimal durability, safety and operational efficiency.



Fast Patrol Vessels

The FPV (Fast Patrol Vessel) monohull series comprise the proprietary Naval Dynamics hull in a multitude of high speed professional configurations, from Police and Ambulance boats to Pilot Boats and Search and Rescue (SAR) craft.



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