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[ Stenella longirostris ]

Naval Dynamics have spent years developing future-proof and sustainable solutions for the shipping market, and our AutoBarge vessels designed for ASKO / Norway are the world's first fully autonomous ready and zero-emission freight vessels. We work in close conjuncture with world leading companies in the industry such as Massterly and Kongsberg, and we are currently designing solutions for ship owners and transport companies all over the world. 


The industry is changing, and we are at the frontier. We intend to stay there. 

why go green  when you can go blue?


The AutoBarge

The AutoBarge are fully autonomous vessels we have designed for ASKO, and will transport 16 semi trailers across the Oslo Fjord - eliminating 2.1 million km road use and 5000 tonns CO2 annually. 

The AutoBarge is planned for fully autonomous operations from 2024. 


Stay tuned for further information. 

The ZeroCat

The ZeroCat is an autonomous passenger vessel developed for commercial use in urban areas where waterway transportation is beneficial. Zero emmission operations will provide efficient and 100% clean and quiet passenger transport in a highly durable and practical design.

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