One of the primary pillars of our business is the focus on viable solutions for the energy markets. We strongly believe that offshore renewable energy will play a fundamental role in solving the energy challenges ahead, and we have a unique opportunity to benefit from the decades of experience from the offshore industry. 

Developing sustainable, reliable and econimically viable sources is not an easy task, but we are confident that the current developments will show game changing results in the coming years.

why go green  when you can go blue?


The AutoBarge

The AutoBarge is fully autonomous vessel we designed for ASKO, and will transport 16 semi trailers across the Oslo Fjord - eliminating 2.1 million km road use and 5000 tonns CO2 annually. 

The AutoBarge is planned for fully autonomous operations from 2024. 


Stay tuned for further information. 

The ZeroCat

The ZeroCat is an autonomous passenger vessel developed for commercial use in urban areas where waterway transportation is beneficial. Zero emmission operations will provide efficient and 100% clean and quiet passenger transport in a highly durable and practical design.


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