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One of the primary pillars of our business is the focus on viable and future-proof solutions for the energy markets. We strongly believe that offshore renewable energy will play a fundamental role in solving the energy challenges ahead, and we have a unique opportunity to benefit from the decades of experience from the offshore industry. 

Developing sustainable, reliable and economically viable sources is not an easy task, but we are confident that the current developments will show game changing results in the coming years.

[ Megaptera novaeangliae ]

the future is blue

The Heavepower

The HEAVEPOWER is a propriatary Wave Energy Converter (WEC) developed and patented by Naval Dynamics AS.  Through implementing existing and well-proven components and hydrodynamic characteristics, the HEAVEPOWER will offer clean and reliable energy at a large scale and at competitive OPEX/CAPEX levels. 

The HEAVEPOWER has endured a series of model tank tests in 2017/2018, and a comprehensive plan towards commercialization  is currently under development. 

Stay tuned for further information. 

The MonobaseWind

The MonoBase Wind is a self-installing Gravity Base foundation for large wind turbines and large water depth installment. The project presents a new way to install a gravity base using advanced technology developed in the offshore Oil and Gas industry, and reduces the on-site work, installation costs and risk.

MonoBase Wind project is currently involved in demonstrator projects and has received substantial EU funding for the ongoing development.

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