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military & defence vessels

When compromise is not an option


These vessels are a culmination of analyzing the optimal specifications and requirements for Defence & Coast Guard Operations. The vessels are configured in accordance to client requirements regarding operating areas, weoponry and ship equipment, as well as general preferences. 

The design and configuration is based on the latest Naval warfare and patrol design principles facilitating a low RCS (Radar Cross Section) with angular and sloped topside panels. Furthermore a low thermal and acoustic signature is ensured by the exhaust and propulsion systems. The Vessel weapon and control systems are integrated and defined prior to the vessel compartmentalization and layout therefore allowing an efficient and versatile defence, monitoring and assault capacity with optimal weapon and sensor sectors and redundancy. 

General Arrangement and structural scantlings configured for ease of construction and maintenance with true modular multi role capacity. 

Due to disclosure constraints further information is available only upon request. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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