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Designing ships for a sustainable future


One of the primary foundations of our company is the quest for reducing the environmental impact of the shipping and offshore industries. Our proprietary hull designs are engineered to minimize drag and maximise efficiency, and through implementing efficient machinery and components throughout the design our clients are ensured safe, efficient and robust vessels for owners and crew alike. 


Please browse our various ship design segments below - you will find a selection of our designs on the following pages.

Design Categories


Offshore Support Vessels

Platform Supply, Anchor Handling, Wind Service, Seismic Support, Specialized Vessels and more - our vessels can cater to your every whim.


Autonomous Vessels

Fully autonomous and clean vessels for a blue future. 


Aquafarm, Fishing & Work boats

Our designs include fishing boats, research vessels and tug- and maintenance vessels


Merchant Vessels

Highly capable and fuel-efficient hulls for the discerning ship owner. 


Military & Defence Vessels

Rugged platforms for military, defence & law enforforcement operations


Passenger Vessels

From smaller exploration type yachts to larger cruise vessels.

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